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As we continue to prepare for our ministry in Brazil, we usher in our favorite season with exciting news, we are expecting a little GIRL! It has been such a blessing to have family and friends already expressing their generosity through gifts and showing their love towards her even before meeting her. We feel SO blessed. 

Update on Cal (Bree’s dad); he had his chemo treatment this past Tuesday. Currently, the tumor is shrinking. However, the major concern is that the tumor remains wrapped around major arteries. Pray specifically towards the tumor to loosen its grip on the arteries as that is one major step towards being able to pursue surgery. Also, pray that Cal will be able to endure chemotherapy sessions as recuperation from each treatment has been very exhausting on his body. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, we expected that raising support would become even more challenging. We were at 25% of our goal and we prayed that God would provide in His time. The Lord heard our prayers and provided beyond our expectations. Praise the Lord with us as we celebrate reaching 53% of our monthly support and 74% of our outfit and passage! Thank you to each one of you who has been praying for us and giving generously.

God surprised us recently with one of our current supporters giving graciously to boost our outfit and passage. We also were able to meet with another supporter for a wonderful meal and wholesome conversation. 

We’re looking ahead to some speaking engagements at different churches. Pray that we will be an encouragement to the congregation as well as a potential partnership with each one of those churches. 

This year has been very pressing and continues to yield changes. Yet pray that we will continue to yield ourselves into the Lord’s steady hands. That He will mold us into vessels that bring new wine through the pressing.

To give go to https://www.abwe.org/work/missionaries/junior-and-breanna-de-souza

To learn more about our ministry go to souzasinbrazil.com

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