• Junior and Bree Souza

Magnify the Lord

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.”

Psalm 34:3

It is not even the end of March and it’s been a rollercoaster ride of joys and disappointments. We’ve been memorizing Psalm 34 with our church, and verse 3 is such a good reminder for us to always magnify the Lord in the joys and in the disappointments of life.

While we celebrated Bree’s birthday at the beginning of the month, we also celebrated Junior finally becoming an American citizen. Praise God! This process has been in the works for over five years; starting with travel visas, one fiancee visa, three green cards, and finally an application to become a citizen.

Thank you to all who prayed for this process to be approved in our favor! Blessing after blessing happened on the day of the interview. We got in quickly; the interview, civics test, and the English exam were all completed in less than an hour. Finally, the best surprise was that Junior had his oath of allegiance ceremony two hours after he finished the entire process. Normally the oath ceremony is a couple of months after the interview.

Junior is now in the process of attaining his American passport, voting registration, renewing his social security card and his driver's license. With the circumstances going on in the world, we are thankful we were able to finish the entire process before the Covid-19 issue began to affect all of our lives.

We are also thankful that we have had meetings with the missions teams of a few churches and we have presented our ministry to a church congregation in Middlebury, IN. Another blessing we are thankful for is that our church organized a sending church workshop together with ABWE, which is helping our church to have a clearer vision of what being a sending church looks like. We are so grateful for being part of a church that loves us and for the opportunity to connect with other churches that are interested in partnering with us.

One of our disappointments has been the canceling of some opportunities we had to speak at 6 churches, due to Covid-19. Yet we know that the Lord still sits on the throne, and we trust Him to provide for our needs in ways we can’t even imagine, even in this season of uncertainty. Please, pray with us that the Lord will provide more opportunities for us to connect with churches and monthly supporters. As we point out our joys and disappointments during this season, we also see, on a global scale, how everyone is affected and struggling in different ways. While social distancing is the recommendation, we see the Lord promising to never practice social distancing from us, and reminds us to not distance ourselves from Him. Therefore, we pray that you will continue firm and unwavering in your faith in Christ, along with staying healthy and safe during this challenging time.

In Christ, Junior & Bree

To give go to https://www.abwe.org/work/missionaries/valdir-and-breanna-de-souza-junior

To learn more about our ministry go to https://www.souzasinbrazil.com/

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